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British Humor at the Olympics / Baltics and France

Hi Friends, I’d like to share my travel friend, Londoner Nick’s perspective about the Olympic Games. P.S. Links to blogs about my recent trips to Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Germany and France are here. LONDON  The British Bollywood Celebration for...

Berlin; Top 5 Sites to See

Top Five Sites to See in Berlin, Germany   My third trip to Berlin I realized you’ll never have enough days to see all you want to. Last year I visited friends who live in Berlin and these are their recommendations for Must See Sites. Make it Fun One of the most...

Best of the Baltics: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s oldest capitols with a royal touch; the monarchy. Denmark is known for having the highest quality of life among developed countries. The Danes love to drink, party, soak up the sun and tell you how great Denmark is.  Take a peek at...