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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! Famous for the “Las Vegas Bachelorette Party” or more low-key girlfriend getaways, Las Vegas offers it all. Here are tips to make your planning go smoothly.



KISS. Keep it small and simple. You may want to invite all your girlfriends, but be realistic. You will have more fun if the guest list is small. Plan well in advance so they can take time off work, arrange for pet care or childcare (if necessary).  

Budget out every detail beforehand and send it in writing to everyone. Extra charges or surprises may result in unhappy girlfriends at the end of the trip.

Take a walk down the Strip on a warm Vegas night to take in the lights. Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

Find discount airfares online. Southwest Airlines and other low cost carriers offer great deals if you book months ahead of time.   For a free visitors guide, lists of discount airlines and more information about restaurants and entertainment, visit the official .

Snag your room reservations well in advance. If you’re traveling at a peak season, holiday or long weekend, you may need to reserve months in advance. For example, the visitor’s center stated that for the end of the summer Labor Day weekend, Las Vegas, the “Entertainment Capital of the World” was the #1 destination for travelers. Airfare sales were up 24 percent, making it the most popular destination for Labor Day travel. Do your research and book your hotel accommodations early.

Make your dining reservations in advance too. Ask your girlfriends what type of food they’d enjoy and what their preferred budget for meals is. Then give advice on “what to wear”.

Visit the Bellagio in Las Vegas to view a beautiful sound and lights show in coordination with waterworks. Photo Credit: Matthias Ott

R & R. Organize a relaxing day by the pool and leave unstructured time for spa treatments Everyone is taking days off work and may want time to recoup.

Photos, fun and safety. Take lots of photos, have lots of laughs, but be cautious.  Watch out for each other when you go out.



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