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A Traveler’s Life Lessons

A Traveler’s Life Lessons

What have I learned traveling through 100+ countries?  I traveled alone around the world for two years at the age of twenty-nine, wandered the globe with my husband, daughters and girlfriends.  Here are lessons I’ve learned along the path of traveling the world.   A...

Boomers Resources

We intrepid boomers keep on trekking, biking, hiking and exploring the world. I’ve traveled all my life but I am getting choosier about where I go, with whom. I don’t have all the time in the world anymore and I want to make the most of every trip. I like...

Woman to Woman in Marrakech

Learning to shed extra baggage is a mother’s dilemma. My career involves frequent travel and often for extended periods, making me  vulnerable to self-doubt and guilt.  I questioned about my role as a parent. Was I a good mother? A good enough mother? Was my...